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Forums > Introductions > French student from San Diego!
French student from San Diego!

San Diego
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Post Date: 12/16/15 @ 8:56PM Topic: French student from San Diego!

Hello all!

I hope that each of you is doing great.
My name is Nicolas, I am 21, and I was born in France, grew up there in Lyon, and in Switzerland also.
I'm a MBA + Master student in Business and Entrepreneurship in San Diego.

I have joined this group because I terribly miss the Bentley Conti GT that I used to drive in Switzerland. I also miss the Geneva Motor show, Bentley and RR invites us everytime.
My father also owns a Rolls Royce.

Concerning my cars, I just bought a Camaro here in San Diego, I plan to stay here a year or two. Convenient to drive too! I own a mercedes SLK 55 Amg in France. My dad owns the Bentley and the Rolls.

Just thought it was a good way to meet other members, owners and new people as a General rule! I'm always down for a drive in a Bentley!

Here are a few photos of I and the cars. (Let me find a way to figure out how to post them)


The Bentley of my dad on the right:

At the Geneva Motorshow:

The keys of the RR:

My current car in San Diego:


Cheers! Nick

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Post Date: 12/28/15 @ 12:16PM Topic: Re: French student from San Diego!

Welcome Nick! I am a new member also and I look forward to meeting fellow enthusiasts. San Diego is a great place for school. Have a great New Year!

Van Nuys
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Post Date: 08/24/20 @ 1:47PM Topic: Re: French student from San Diego!

Salut, Nicolas.

I just joined the club and was perusing the forum.

Lovely pictures of your automobile collection.

Since you mentioned Lyon I wondered whether you might have attended La Martiniere. My high school in Calcutta was La Martiniere College for Boys - a branch of the three ecoles La Martinieres - Calcutta, Lucknow, Lyon. I was only able to visit Place La Martiniere when I was in Lyon in 1973.

Anyway, hereux de faire ta connaissance quand meme virtuelle, grace a ce club de Rolls Royce.

Perhaps, you'll see this message and reply.

A bientot!

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